Actuator Retrofitting Work

Valser Group of Companies has a dedicated Engineering Department that can offer consultancy prior to any retrofitting work. We can size your pneumatic, hydraulic, gas over oil or motor to suit the valve that you have. We can also check the valve required torque at site and counter checking with the engineering document that you have. This can give a better the operation of the valve.

Project manager planning discussion with lead technician

Actuator retrofitting work means changing your old actuator with new one. There could be several reasons why you want to do this.

1. The actuator is damaged
2. The actuator was undersized
3. The actuator is obsolete
4. Safety Integrity System (SIS) requirement

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We can perform this work provided that

1. The valve has been tested and free from mechanical problems
2. We can test the valve torque, i.e. valve must be shutdown for us to install our Torque Tester and test the valve
3. The sizing calculation is done by us
4. Preferably the actuator is supplied by us

We will provide guarantee on workmanship for a period of six (6) months upon completion of the work and. For materials / parts / equipment supplied by us, the warranty will be for a period of eighteen (18) months upon delivery or twelve (12) months upon commissioning from manufacturing defect. Please understand that the guarantee does not include if the valve is damaged due to other issues such as valve stuck due to choked pipeline or incorrect operation of valve and actuator (e.g. knocking of valve/actuator using scaffold or pipe wrench).

BCOT-New MOV setting pic 1
Electric motor disassemble